SC56 - True RMS Swivel-head Clamp Meter


A Clear View at Any Angle

Dual Display, Swivel Head

  • 180º swivel head clamp
  • Inrush current
  • LED flashlight in clamp head
  • Backlight
  • Temperature resistant LCD
  • Non-contact voltage
  • Auto or manual ranging

The Fieldpiece SC56 Swivel Head Clamp Meter is the best clamp meter on the market for the HVAC/R technician.  The SC56 is packed with all the essential test parameters necessary to get the job done right.  Plus, you can use all the Fieldpiece Accessory Heads via your test leads.

In addition, the incredible 180º swivel head clamp enables you to view your results at any angle.  Combine that with the unique wire grabbing claw and the LED flashlight in the SC56 clamp head, and you can easily isolate wires that are hard to reach and/or difficult to see.

  • 180º Swivel Head Clamp to easily view your results at any angle
  • Inrush Current to easily diagnose an impending motor failure
  • Clamp Flashlight to illuminate wires in dark spaces
  • Backlight Dual Display to display multiple information simultaneously -- even Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Rugged Construction to withstand harsh conditions
  • Automatic Power Off (APO) to preserve your battery life when clamp isn't in use
  • Non-Contact Voltage warning via audio and visual alarms
  • Easy Field Calibration with convenient pot location to quickly calibrate K-type thermocouples
  • True RMS to accurately measure non-sinusoidal wave forms
  • Auto or Manual Ranging button to conveniently toggle between ranges
  • Constant Battery Status so you don't run out of batteries in the middle of a job

SC56 - True RMS Swivel-head Clamp Meter

SC56 Swivel Clamp Multi-meter

SC56 - True RMS Swivel-head Clamp Meter
  • SC56 - Swivel Head Clamp Meter
  • ADLS2 - Deluxe Silicone Test Leads
  • ASA2 - Alligator Clip Lead Extensions
  • ATB1 - K-type Thermocouple
  • ANC7 - Large Single Meter Case
  • Velcro Strap