SC55 - Dual Display Swivel-Head Clamp Meter


Dual Display, Swivel-head, Affordable

Great for Students

  • 180º swivel-head clamp
  • Dual display
  • Hold button to freeze display
  • Autoranging
  • Rugged construction
  • Non-contact voltage

The SC55 Swivel-Head Clamp Meter is specifically designed for HVACR professionals and contains all the functions most relevant to the job.  Packed with 13 different test parameters the SC55 clamp meter offers more features and functions than any other meter of its kind on the market.  Plus the full 180º swivel head allows you to easily see the display at any angle. 

Perfect for those hard to reach wires, the SC55 Swivel-Head Clamp Meter also boasts a rugged design to withstand harsh conditions, has the precision and reliability that Fieldpiece is known for, and is compatible with all Fieldpiece Accessory Heads via your test leads.

  • 180º Swivel Head Clamp to easily view your results at any angle
  • Dual Display to easily view multiple measurements at one time
  • Rugged Construction to withstand harsh conditions
  • Auto Power Off to preserve your battery life when clamp isn't in use
  • Non-Contact Voltage warning via audio and visual alarms
  • Easy Field Calibration with convenient pot location to quickly calibrate K-type thermocouples
  • Auto or Manual Ranging button to conveniently toggle between ranges
  • Hold Function to keep data as long as necessary
  • Select Button to swiftly toggle through measurement options
  • Frequency Measurement without test leads
  • Constant Battery Status so you don't run out of batteries in the middle of a job
SC55 - Dual Display Swivel-Head Clamp Meter
  • SC55 - Swivel Head Clamp Meter
  • ADLS2 - Deluxe Silicone Test Leads
  • ASA2 - Alligator Clip Lead Extensions
  • ATB1 - K-type Thermocouple
  • ANC7 - Large Single Meter Case
  • Velcro Strap