ACM4 - Carbon Monoxide Detector Accessory

Carbon Monoxide Head

Fast Enough for Walk Around Tests

  • Field-replaceable CO sensor
  • Fast electrochemical sensor
  • Display measurements smoothly (average) or real-time (normal)
  • Zero set to ambient

The ACM4 is a carbon monoxide detector (CO detector) accessory head for use with Fieldpiece modular instruments. It has a fast reacting electrochemical sesor specific designed to detect carbon Monoxide (CO). Use the ACM4 to hunt down sources of potentially life-threatening, poisonous gas.  And easily replace the sensor in the field when necessary.

Carbon monoxide (CO), a product of combustion is an oderless, colorless gas. Faulty combustion equipment is one source of this dangerious gas known as the "silent killer".

The ACM4 carbom monoxide detector measures CO in parts per million (ppm). Use it for walk-around tests to help pinpoint sources of CO indoors.

CO Exposure Effects:

CO ppm Effects
9 ppm Minimal. Max allowable concentration for eight hours (EPA and ASHRAE).
35 ppm Max for continuous exposure for one hour (EPA and ASHRAE).
50 ppm Max for eight hours (OSHA).
100 ppm Trips installed CO detectors. UL2034 specifies a max exposure of 100 min.
200 ppm In two to three hours: slight headache, tiredness, dizziness, nausea. UL2034 specifies a max exposure of 35 min.
400 ppm In one or two hours: frontal headaches. In three hours: life threatening. UL2034 specifies a max exposure of 15 min.
800 ppm In fourty five minutes: dizziness, nausea, and convulsions.
800 ppm In two to three hours: death.
1600 ppm In one hour: death.
6400 ppm In fifteen minutes: death.
12800 ppm in three minutes: death.

Effects can vary significatly depending on age, sex, weight, and overall health. Never stay in an area of high concentration of CO, get outdoors and call emergency response. 

The ACM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO Detector) offers several features and benefits to field technicians:

  • Field-replaceable sensor
  • Works with any Fieldpiece expandable instrument or handle or any DMM with mVDC ranges and our detachable leads.
  • Fast electrochemical sensor helps you find CO sources like cracked heat exchangers or breached flue stacks.
  • Calibrate to ambient quickly with ZERO calibration pot.
  • Auto Power Off (APO) to save battery life (easy to disable).
  • Battery check with % of battery life left displayed.
ACM4 - Carbon Monoxide Detector Accessory
  • ACM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Calibration Screwdriver
  • 9V Battery (installed)
  • Operator’s Manual