AUA2 - Milliamps & Microamps Accessory Head


Check Flame Rectifier Diodes

Great for "No Heat" Calls

  • Includes flame diode rectifier diode adapter kit
  • No battery required
  • 0.1 resolution

Solve those “no heat” calls fast and efficiently with the Fieldpiece Milliamps & Microamp Accessory, model AUA2. The head converts microamps (for flame rectifier diode) and milliamps (for heat anticipators and control circuits) to a mV signal for direct current reading on any meter with mV ranges. For resolution of 0.1 micro/milliamps, use a meter that displays 0.1mV. The AUA2 includes quick connect and mini-plug adapters to convert your "stick" meter and electronic handles into a one-piece flame rectifier diode tester and heat anticipator checker

  • Includes flame diode adapter kit (AQK3)
  • Resolution: 0.1 for meters with 0.1mVDC
  • Accuracy: DC: ±(1.0%rdg + 1dgt) AC: ±(1.5% + 2dgts)
  • Max current: 200mA AC or DC

Like all of the Accessory Heads from Fieldpiece, the AUA2 gives you the ability to do more work from one small bag of tools.  It is the only modular current instrument of its kind and provides you with valuable data in diagnosing “no heat” calls in the field when used with our meters, data logger and electronic handle.


AUA2 - Milliamps & Microamps Accessory Head
  • Milliamps & Microamp Accessory - AUA2
  • Flame Diode Lead Kit - AQK3
  • Operator’s Manual