Pocket Thermometers

SIG1 - Gun Style IR Thermometer

Among our most popular IR thermometers the SIG2 Gun-Style Thermometer features a 10:1 field of view. A bright blue backlight and laser guide make taking fast and accurate temperature readings easier, better and faster. The SIG1 comes with a protective lens cap and body wrap. It works faster than thermistor-based temperature instruments and has a range of -22°F to 1022°F. Includes Auto-Power Off to conserve battery life.

SIL2 - Pen Style IR Thermometer with LED Flashlight

The SIL2 is among our most accurate IR thermometers. With a 1:1 field of view and a protective IR lens cap, the SIL2, is as small as a pen and delivers big results. Features automatic data hold, measurements in °F or °C, and has excellent accuracy: ±1.5°F and a resolution of 0.5°F. The SIL2 has a range of -27°F to 230°F and includes Auto-Power Off (APO) to conserve battery life.

SIP3 - Shirt Pocket IR Thermometer


The SIP3 is great for quick air register temps. With a 1:1 field of view, the compact design makes taking accurate temperature readings easier, better and faster. The SIP3 has a 1°F/°C resolution and has a -27°F to 230°F temperature range and features Auto-Power Off (APO) to conserve battery life. It also has a rubberized grip, low battery indicator, and is water resistant.

SIR2 - Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight

The SIR2 Infrared Pocket Thermometer with Laser Sight is among our most popular IR thermometers. It conveniently fits in a shirt pocket and boasts a 6:1 field of view. The laser guide helps you aim at the target with a reaction time much faster than thermistor based thermometers. Use it immediately after pulling from it from your pocket. A favorite among HVAC/R professionals with a range of -27°F to 482°F.

SPK1 - Pocket Knife Style Thermometer

The SPK1 Pocket Knife Style Thermometer features a sharp tip for punching through flex duct and hangs easily from a vent or thermostat. Pull out the probe rod just like you would a pocketknife. 16 detent position grooves hold the rod at virtually at any angle. The probe rod folds away simply with no cover sleeve to lose. Temperature range: -58°F to 392°F. One of our most popular instruments for HVAC/R field service.

SPK2 - Folding Pocket In-Duct Thermometer

The newly designed SPK2 Folding Pocket Thermometer is great for taking quick air temperatures.  It fits directly in your pocket so you're ready for common temperature checking.  The folding rod has a hanging hook so you can easily hang it in a duct or on a grille.  The large display shows Min/Max/Hold, has measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and has a low battery indicator.  It also quickly calculates T1-T2, as well as features an Auto Power Off function to save battery power on it's already phenomenal 8,000 hours of battery life on one single AA battery!

SPK3 - Rod and IR Temperature Pocket Tool

The SPK3 temperature pocket tool has convenient two-way temperatures with both a folding in-duct Rod temperature and an infrared 8:1 gun.  The IR takes quick surface temerature readings, and the Rod measures in the duct easily with a hanging hook for hands-free testing.  The SPK3 temperature tool also features max/min/hold functions, a backlight, and a display that flips depending on what temperature mode is chosen.  Plus, the SPK3 quickly calculates T1-T2, and it works across both the IR and Rod modes.

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SWT2 - Water Resistant Thermometer

The SWT2 Water Resistant Thermometer has a fixed probe tip with a protective cover. Features a sealed body for field service and a sharp tip for punching through flex duct. The SWT2 has a temperature range of -58°F to 392°F and has a MAX/MIN function to check temperatures without having to keep an eye in the display. A pocket clip, ergonomic shape and easy to read LCD make measuring temperatures easier, better and faster. With a -58°F to 392°F temperature range and the Auto-Power Off function to conserve battery life, the SWT2 is a smart choice for HVAC/R field service.