SC77 New autoranging Clamp-on Meter from Fieldpiece with True RMS and Backlight

BREA, Calif., November 28, 2005 -- Fieldpiece Instruments, the leading manufacturer of professional-grade instruments for HVAC field service, has introduced a new clamp meter, SC77, in response to requests from HVAC technicians for an autoranging meter that measures true RMS. In addition to reading true RMS, a new feature of the SC77 meter is the backlit LCD for easy reading in either dark or light spaces.

The SC77 works with all Fieldpiece accessory heads. It comes with removable tip probes for connection to the accessory heads, and it has the DCmV ranges required by the heads. Optional accessory heads measure RH%, wet bulb, CO, pressure, superheat, and most other parameters essential to professional HVAC/R technicians.

The SC77 is made for safety. It includes alligator clips, NCV indicator, and HiV indicator. The alligator clips allow the user to connect the leads to the circuit without holding the test lead on the test point. A non-contact voltage (NCV) function warns the user when the NCV tab is close to live AC voltages. When it senses AC voltages down as low as 24VAC, it alerts the user by lighting up a big, bright red LED, AND sounding a loud beeper. Even if the user doesn’t touch the voltage, the NCV function senses the ACV through the air. The high-voltage (contact) indicator lights up a RED LED and beeps whenever the technician touches potentially dangerous voltage.

The SC77 comes with the Fieldpiece K-type thermocouple plug with the "wrap tab", enabling convenient storage of the thermocouple. Fieldpiece developed the 'wrap-tab' thermocouple to solve a small but real problem our customers have with lead storage. Instead of letting the thermocouple wire get tangled up with everything in the tool kit, the technician just wraps the wire around the tab.

The test lead wires are insulated with silicone rubber, which withstands temperature extremes much better than vinyl, maintaining their flexibility, even in the coldest temperatures.

For convenience, a GREEN LED lights up when continuity is detected. All three LED functions are supported by a loud beep from the internal beeper. The trade price of $159 includes the meter, the test leads, the clips, and a custom padded case.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


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  • Created: Thu, January 17, 2013