SC56-SRC: New Feature-Rich, Swivel-Head Clamp Meter

New Feature-Rich, Swivel-Head Clamp Meter for HVAC/R Industry.

The first of its kind meter, the SC55 and SC56 clearly displays results at any angle.



ANAHEIM, Calif., June 2010 -- Fieldpiece Instruments, manufacturer of professional-grade instruments for the HVAC/R technician, announces the release of the SC55 and SC56 swivel clamp meters.  Offering more features and functions than any other meter of its kind on the market, these revolutionary new meters feature a swivel-head current clamp that enables technicians to rotate the head a full 180°,  making it easy for technicians to see the display and controls no matter what angle the meter is clamped.

Packed with essential tests, the SC55 and SC56 clamp meters offer functions needed most by HVAC/R technicians. They measure VAC, VDC, AAC, Resistance, Continuity, Diodes, as well as Temperature (in °C and °F simultaneously) and Capacitance.  Plus the SC55 and SC56 boast a dual display so Current and Voltage can be read at the same time.

For further convenience, the SC56 has a backlit dual display, along with a LED flashlight in the clamp head.  The flashlight makes it easy to clamp the appropriate wires, while the swivel head makes it easy to see the display and controls in hard to reach places.  The SC56 also has an in-rush function which measures a motor’s in-rush current at start-up to easily diagnose an impending motor failure.  It also reads true RMS so rather than averaging, the SC56 senses the true RMS value, so technicians are confident their readings are accurate no matter what type of equipment they are working on.

“The SC56 has more functions and features in one clamp meter than any we’ve ever offered in our 20 years of product development! And you can use it in hotter and colder environments. This thing is a real workhorse!” said Rey Harju, Fieldpiece Instruments.

Both the SC55 and SC56 have additional advancements that make testing easier for the HVAC/R tech in the field.  For instance, the rugged construction allows for stability even in harsh work environments, the non contact voltage (NCV) function alerts the tech whether a line is hot or not without touching the wire, and the auto-ranging function automatically determines the best resolution.

In addition, the SC55 and SC56 meters register extremely accurate temperature measurements even in rapidly changing ambient temperatures, while a conveniently located thermocouple calibration pot also ensure maximum temperature accuracy. “Walk from the rooftop to the freezer with one of these in your hand and you’ll get quick and accurate measurements at both extremes. That’s not true with competitive meters whose cold junction is outside the meter,” said Harju.

For an even greater range of tests, the SC55 and SC56 clamp meters can be used with all Fieldpiece accessory heads. The trade price for the SC55 is $179.00; the SC56 is $219.00. The meters come with a carrying case and modular test leads with removable tips and alligator clips.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


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