Optimize A/C Performance with New 4-Port Wireless Digital Manifold from Fieldpiece Instruments

Large full 3/8” bore vacuum port speeds up system evacuations and leak tests.

Fieldpiece Instruments, the company that supplies the family of test tools HVACR professionals trust to do more has added  a new wireless, four-port, digital manifold, the SMAN4.   With four ports and a built-in vacuum gauge, HVACR professionals can now evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant and dial in the charge at one time.  There are three standard ¼” ports and one beefy 3/8” port with the bore in the manifold being 3/8” throughout. 
To make things even easier, the SMAN4 receives live indoor wet bulb (WB) and outdoor dry bulb (DB) temperatures wirelessly, and then calculates real-time target superheat and digitally displays both the target superheat and the actual superheat on the large, backlit display.  All while techs make adjustments outside at the condenser. 

“Because the SMAN4 measures real-time actual superheat and target superheat at the same time, it’s easier to do the job right,” said Russell Harju, product manager. ”So now,  system charge is adjusted while techs watch, in real-time, how the indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb fluctuate and affect the target superheat—without having to walk away from the condenser. 

“So HVACR pros get more accurate calculations because the measurements are taken in real-time, and they can work faster because multiple trips between the condenser and the evaporator are unnecessary.”
The SMAN4 can also wirelessly send six measurements (indoor wet bulb, outdoor dry bulb, suction line temperature, suction line pressure, liquid line temperature, and liquid line pressure) to the Fieldpiece Instruments HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG3.  The HG3 then combines the SMAN4 superheat and subcooling with airflow tests to take a snapshot of the entire system in real-time.

“It’s the easiest way to get a full system diagnosis,” added Harju.  “And having a full system diagnosis gives HVACR professionals the confidence to know their maximizing the efficiency of all the units they’re working on.”
“Ever since we introduced the wireless version of the HVAC Guide System Analyzer, techs have been asking when the manifold will be able transmit its readings wirelessly. It’s been hard keeping quiet about a such a sought after product, so we’re excited that it’s ready for distribution,” Harju said. 

Other SMAN4 features include high and low alarms for micron levels, 2-point pressure calibration, large digital backlit display, and front-facing hose seats to limit dirt and grime from entering the SMAN4.
Included with the SMAN4: two ATC1 K-type pipe clamp thermocouples, ATWB1 wet bulb thermocouple with clip, ATA1 dry bulb thermocouple with clip, and an ANC10 padded drawstring pouch. Retail cost is $569.00.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


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  • Created: Wed, February 20, 2013