New High-Performance Digital Stick Meter from Fieldpiece Instruments

BREA, Calif. -- In response to HVAC/R technicians’ demand for instruments that do more for them yet are still easy to use, Fieldpiece Instruments is expanding its digital stick meter line with the introduction of the high-performance HS35. The new stick meter is the first in the product line to include an auto-ranging feature, which automatically changes range for the best resolution. Other features included for the HVAC/R technician include testing microamps for flame rectifier diode tests and the ability to measure frequency.

Like the rest of the stick meter line, the HS35 includes a built-in magnetic hanger, built-in temperature measurement (k-type thermocouple), capacitance, non-contact voltage sensing, silicone rubber test leads with storage on the back, a high voltage indicator, a current clamp head, carrying case, alligator clips, and both an LED and beeper to indicate continuity.

"The HS35 is the single best piece of test gear the HVAC/R technician can own," said Rey Harju, President of Fieldpiece Instruments.

All of Fieldpiece’s accessory heads, both old and new, work with the HS35. With the appropriate accessory head, the HS35 can measure the following parameters: AC amps, RH%, wet bulb temperature, air temperature, dew point, carbon monoxide, dual temperature, non contact (IR) temperature, air velocity, gas pressure, static pressure, vacuum, milliamps, microamps, and carbon dioxide.

Accessory heads can also be connected to the meter using the removable-tip test leads for “remote” testing. This is particularly useful for measuring blower motor current draw with the door to the blower closed.

A wrap-tab thermocouple (model ATB1) is included. The “wrap-tab” makes it easy to store the thermocouple wire.

For convenience, the HS35 includes a non-contact AC voltage sensor that senses voltage from AC line power down to 24VAC for thermostat power. The DMM sounds a beeper and lights up a big, bright LED. Two other LEDs work in conjunction with the beeper to warn the user of high voltage and to indicate continuity.

The HS35 includes the MIN/MAX function, which stores the both the highest and lowest reading from the time the button is pushed. Test leads are made of fine stranded silicone insulated wire for flexibility. The probes can easily be stored in the back of the meter and the wires wrapped around the meter for fast and convenient storage. The meters are shipped with the leads wrapped around the meter in this fashion so the user can see how to store them. A magnetic hanger is included for safe and easy testing.

The HS35 is available immediately, for $179 trade price, and can be purchased from a Fieldpiece distributor near you. The meter comes with a current clamp head, alligator clips, silicone test leads with removable tips, a magnetic hanger and a k-type thermocouple all packaged in a padded 4-pocket nylon case.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


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  • Created: Thu, January 17, 2013