JL2 - Updated Job Link™ System with Revolutionary Field Service Features

ANAHEIM, Calif., February 11, 2016 – Fieldpiece Instruments understands that the HVACR field service technicians’ need to choose the right tools for the job is critical in providing successful job results. Fieldpiece, the industry leader in tools and test instruments for HVACR professionals, introduces the recently released updated and expanded new software for Job Link™ offering even more features than the previous version.

“We are exceptionally confident with our latest version of Job Link™ that we are helping the technicians finish their jobs quicker and with better results,” said Russ Harju, product manager at Fieldpiece. “The addition of system capacity (BTU) calculations and evacuation mode are just a few of the new features we are proud of. We believe it will revolutionize the way techs do their jobs.”

The added System Capacity (BTU) Calculation allows the technician to measure system capacity by inputting the airflow CFM and the elevation of your location, while it is hooked up to the Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer.  Techs can measure how much heat is being added to or removed from the system, and compare the BTU measurement with the published BTU rating of the system.  If they differ, the tech can troubleshoot what is wrong with the system.  As the tech makes adjustments, he can see the BTU measurement change in real time, so he can then bring the system into working efficiency.

The addition of the evacuation mode to Job Link™ allows flexibility while in the evacuation mode. After the recovery of refrigerant, technicians can see their vacuum in live micron readings as they pull the vacuum.  This allows technicians to do other things and still keep watch on the microns. This new mode can also log system evacuation and can log a system leak test.

Answering user demands, the new version also allows users to leave the Job Link™ screen so that they can do other tasks (texts, phone calls, etc.) while the measurements continue to run in the background. When the tech comes back to the Job Link™ screen after doing their other activities he hasn’t missed any critical measurements.

In addition, the new software provides an enhanced Job Link™ Report Builder so that the technician can add photos and notes and truly customize the report to the information that the technician wants including adding their company logo.

The list of enhanced features includes:

System Capacity (BTU) Calculations
Evacuation mode
BLE background operation
Enhanced Job Link™ Report Builder
Tool detailed screens
New equipment types (split systems, ductless mini splits, furnace only, and rooftop package)


 “Fieldpiece Instruments’ primary goal is to satisfy our current and future users,” Harju said. “We accomplish this by continuously improving our products as technologies evolve and by providing updates as necessary.”

Feedback for the JL2 and Job Link™ app has been positive ever since the first release in early 2015. The Job Link™ app works with Fieldpiece’s SMAN4, SMAN440 and SMAN460 manifolds, which are used to check, evaluate, and charge systems. It also is compatible with the SDP2 psychrometer. The Job Link™ app will take the information from these Fieldpiece products and put it in a report that is easy to email to the customer right from their iOS or Android device.  The report is also saved in the cloud so it can be accessed for future calls to the same customer. The app can be downloaded free from the Apple Store for iOS devices or the Google Play store for Android devices.

For more information, please visit our website at or call us at 714.634.1844.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


Formed in 1989, Orange County, Calif.-based Fieldpiece Instruments has become the testing tool company that HVACR professionals trust. Because Fieldpiece focuses only on the HVACR industry, all products are developed to solve real world HVACR problems. Not only do the tools have the right functions and features, but also techs can trust them to work where and when they need them, because they withstand the use and abuse techs in the HVACR field dish out. Fieldpiece constantly develops new tools that allow HVACR professionals to do more than they otherwise could, increasing the tech’s capability and billable hours. For more information please visit our website at or call 714.634.1844.

  • Created: Thu, February 11, 2016