AUA2 Test Accessory Head Easily Connects To Any Flame Diode Circuit To Detect Gas Leaks In Heating Systems

BREA, Calif., August 29, 2003 -- Fieldpiece Instruments Model AUA2 low current accessory head enables HVAC technicians to measure the current in flame rectifier diodes in gas heaters. If the current isn’t high enough, the technician will know to replace the flame diode.

The AUA2 also includes adapters (AQK3) that make connecting to the flame rectifier diode very easy. Both quick-connect and mini-plug adapters are included. “We went one step further and included the adapters you’ll need to connect to the circuit. We made it very easy to hook up to any type of flame diode circuit. This low cost head will pay for itself in no time,” said Rey Harju of Fieldpiece. "Again, we're listening to what field service guys want and we're making the little stuff that makes their job a lot easier," added Harju.

The AUA2 was designed for use with the Fieldpiece HS32, HS33 and HS35 stick meters to add flame diode test capability. It also works well with the DL2 data logger to log low currents and with the EHDL1 as a stand-alone tester. When used with the MIN/MAX function on the HS series meters or the EHDL1, the technician can record the high reading during the test. He doesn’t have to keep his eye on the meter. With the DL2, the technician can record exactly what the readings are over an extended period of time.

The AUA2 test accessory head easily slips onto the Fieldpiece Stick Style DMMs. As DC current travels through the head, the technician can quickly determine whether or not the flame is ignited. For use with DMMs with industry standard jacks, use the optional Fieldpiece ADLS2 deluxe silicone test leads, or the AHDL1 adapter handle.

The AUA2 converts milliamps and microamps to a mV signal for direct current reading on any meter with mV ranges.

The AUA2 is available immediately for $21.95, and can be purchased from any local Fieldpiece distributor.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


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  • Created: Thu, January 17, 2013