ATIR3 New Surface Temperature Head with Laser Sight

BREA, Calif., October 10, 2003 -- Fieldpiece Instruments announces the introduction of Model ATIR3 accessory head which measures temperature without the need for surface contact. The ATIR3 includes a powerful laser to make targeting the test spot easier. Applications include heating and air conditioning where fast and easy measurement is important, motor bearings where high temperature can indicate bearings that might need replacement, circuit breakers which can increase in temperature when not operating properly, and poor power line connections where a bad connection can get hot.

The ATIR3 head works with all of Fieldpiece’s modular instruments. It can be used with the HS30 series stick meter to record MIN and MAX temperatures while hanging from the meter’s magnet. The ATIR3 head can also be used with the data logger to record temperatures over time. When used with the Fieldpiece Electronic Handle, EHDL1, it acts as a standalone IR thermometer. It also connects to most DMMs using Fieldpiece's AHDL1 adapter handle.

Fieldpiece, as a supplier of both contact and non-contact (IR) thermometers, recommends using non-contact IR thermometers where convenience is more important than accuracy. For example: registers that are too high to reach; motors that are too dangerous to touch; or large areas for a comparison of temperature differences. Accuracy of the ATIR3 is +/-2% of reading or 4OF (whichever is greater) in the range of 32 OF to 160 OF and +/-3% of reading or 5.5 OF from 0 OF to 31 OF and 161 OF to 752 OF. Accuracies of field calibrated thermocouple thermometers are typically 1% of reading.

The ATIR3 collects infrared energy and converts it to a millivolt DC signal that is proportional to the temperature being measured. The temperature measured will be the average of all the temperatures in the cone of viewability. The ATIR3 cone of viewability is a circle determined by a simple ratio of 8:1. The diameter of this circle is 1/8 the distance between the target and the tip of the ATIR3. For example, if the technician is standing 16 feet from the target, he'll be taking an average measurement of a two feet diameter circle. The closer you are to the target, the smaller the area. The further away, the larger the area measured.

According to Rey Harju, President of Fieldpiece Instruments, "Because it can be used with all Fieldpiece modular instruments, the ATIR3 is the most versatile IR thermometer on the market."

The ATIR3 is priced competitively at $69 (trade), and can be purchased from any local Fieldpiece distributor.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


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